3 Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners


No matter what type of home you live in, finding ways to lower utility costs is a worthwhile endeavor. Making sure your heating and cooling system is efficient is a factor you have control over. Homeowners can maintain a comfortable indoor air experience and save money using these three energy efficiency tips.

1. Cool With Ceiling Fans

Using a ceiling fan is a more cost-effective way to cool down during the spring, summer and early fall seasons. Ceiling fans are far cheaper to operate than a central AC compressor, and they can pull hot air up and away from you. Use them in combination with an existing air conditioning system and raise your thermostat up by four degrees. Your electric bills will be lower, but your indoor comfort will not be sacrificed. Add a ceiling-mounted fan in every room and watch the savings add up.

2. Replace With ENERGY STAR Products

Older heaters and air conditioners cost more to operate. Newer equipment is designed to run more efficiently. When you decide to replace your older equipment, choose energy-saving products made with the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR products are certified to meet and even beat the government’s minimum requirements on energy savings. Property owners in Kent, WA, can improve their energy efficiency and reduce their purchase costs further with product rebates from Puget Sound Energy.

3. Request a System Assessment

An annual cooling and heating inspection from Dear Services can help you discover where energy leaks are happening in your current system. As time goes by, all temperature control equipment will begin to lose efficiency. In order to continually receive your preferred comfort levels, maintaining the system properly is required. A qualified service technician can locate faulty components and make replacements that allow you to extend the life of the equipment.

You can depend on Dear Services for fast, accurate furnace and air conditioning services that address energy efficiency. We can help you find and install a broad range of heating and cooling products, and you can rely on us to maintain or repair them. Our product inventory includes heat pumps, packaged systems, and ductless mini-split units. We also handle electrical, plumbing, and home security concerns.

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