What Are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?


Staying on top of your yearly recommended AC tune-up is necessary to prevent expensive repairs, maintain good indoor air quality, and keep the system operating efficiently. Your cooling system will last as long as it’s supposed to with annual maintenance. The costs of maintenance pale in comparison to the costs of replacing a unit before it’s supposed to die.

Good Indoor Air Quality

While your cooling system lies dormant over the winter, dust and debris build up inside. The gunk inside your cooling system makes it less efficient and increases the risk of needing repairs. When you turn on the AC without cleaning out the accumulated dust and debris, it hurts your indoor air quality. When we provide an AC tune-up, we thoroughly clean the internal components. Dear Services offers cooling maintenance in Kent, WA, that’s backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Fewer Repairs

Your air conditioner won’t need as many repairs when it
receives preventative maintenance every year. Technicians can catch problems in
the developing stages before they turn into bigger problems.

When Repairs Are Needed, They’re Less Expensive

If a belt has started to fray, then it can be replaced
during a maintenance appointment. A snapped belt can result in expensive
repairs, so you never want to let a belt become so worn that it breaks. Many of
an AC’s most costly repairs are issues that can be prevented during an annual

Low Energy Bills

A cooling system loses efficiency over time. After a
season of continuous running, it will need a tune-up. You may notice higher
energy bills the next warm season if you skip an AC tune-up.

Efficient Cooling

To maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home, your AC needs regular tune-ups. If it has gone a while without maintenance, then you may notice the air isn’t cold enough. You don’t want to lower the thermostat as this will use more energy and drive up your energy bill. In addition to AC maintenance, we offer heating tune-ups, heating installation, heating repair, cooling repair, cooling installation, plumbing, and electrical services. Dear Services has a culture of caring, so you’re in good hands when you choose us for services in the Kent area. Our technicians are courteous as well as skilled. Contact us today to learn more about our AC tune-ups and other relevant services to maintaining a safe, efficient home.

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