Were you happy with Dear Services’ professional work at your home or business? If so, just fill out the form fill below and you will receive a $15 Amazon gift card or you can have us donate $15 to a local Boys and Girls Club of your choice each time a referred friend of yours becomes a customer of Dear Services. We love partner with our clients as well as our local community.

When choosing Dear Services as your outstanding electricians, we know our customers are looking for both excellent quality of work and service. Through this referral rewards program, we have found yet another way to exceed those standards while giving back even more. Like many businesses, we love referrals and depend on word of mouth to help Dear Services continue to serve more customers across the Puget Sound.

How It Works:

Referrers get a $15 Amazon gift card for referring new business to Dear Services. Our hope is that you will be so happy with our services, that you won’t be able to hold back the praise.

How Much Does Referrers Get?
$15 Amazon gift card for each referral that orders electrical work from Dear Services

Are There Any Limits?
Nope! We are thankful for your business and confident in our own work. We want you to continue sharing about the wonderful experiences you’ve had with Dear Services, so we will continue to reward as long as you keep up the referring! You can always continue to earn an unlimited number of $15 Amazon gift cards, so refer away.

If you are not a Dear Services customer, call us at (206) 735-7604 to hear more about our services or ask questions about our offerings. If you’re being referred, be sure you provide your friend’s name as reference when you schedule with us. We can’t wait to work with you!