woman with smart home control app at the parkIt’s time to switch things up and get your house ready for a cozy and beautiful season in a home that is uniquely yours . The best technology is one that hands you the reins and increases your knowledge and control over the information at hand. Our easy-to-use systems empower you while protecting your family. We believe that it’s your right to feel safe and secure in your own home.

We know how much you care about your own home, and that you hold the number one slot for vested interest in it. But we’d like to think that we’re a very close second.

In our current day and age, we remain constantly connected to the world around us. Why shouldn’t we also be able to remain just as connected to what’s going on in our own homes? As a company we value information for everyone (that means you!), in a world made to feel smaller, safer and understandable. This means we give you the information you need to make informed decisions when something goes wrong, while helping you feel calm and secure when everything goes as planned.

Dear Services began specializing in home automation in [insert year] when we began imagining our ideal home as an extension of ourselves, and realized that we could play a major part in achieving that dream. The common denominator is personal comfort. Since all of our clients are unique in this, we’ve made our products and services adaptable, which means you control the technology, not the other way around.

Our goal is for you to walk into a Dear Services home that’s been tailored directly to you, and never want to leave.

Our services will allow you to literally wake up your home simply and elegantly every morning. Imagine curtains rising, thermostats adjusting, and coffee starting automatically as your own home bids you “good morning!”

Next, picture door locks, gun safes, liquor cabinets…always safe and secure because we have your home protected perfectly and will alert you promptly if anything is amiss.

Call us today at 206.735.7604 and be assured that your electrical needs will be completed by one of Dear Services’ experienced and reliable electricians. We are also available on Sundays by appointment to serve you better.