Always Protect Your Home

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Are you going away? Whether you are leaving for the afternoon or for  a few days, there are some simple things you can do to help protect your house while you’re gone. In fact, you can put these  eeasures in place even if you’re staying in town. No one wants to come home and find that someone stole everything valuable!! Here’s how to avoid that.

Lock the Doors

It might sound basic but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t lock their doors (and windows, for that matter!). Most people think that their neighborhoods are safe so many don’t both locking up when they leave. Still, a simple flip of the lock can go far towards deterring a thief. After all, they might just be able to go next door and walk right in! Check your doors every time you leave the house to drastically raise your home’s security level.

Send the Right Signals

You don’t want to advertise that you’re out of town or gone for the day. Make sure that you leave a light (or two) on at all times. You may even want to turn on the TV or some music so it sounds like
someone is home. If you’re going away for several days, get some automatic timers. Set them up so that your lights turn off and on at different times of day, like they would if someone was at home. You may also want to get someone to pick up your newspapers and mail and shovel your snow, so it’s not obvious that you’ve been away for a while.

Close Your Curtains

Sure, you made an effort to make your home gorgeous and you want to show it to the world. However, many of us forget that anyone – whether their intentions are good or bad – can look through an open window and see what you own. This tells them exactly where to look to find items of value. Consider closing your shades or putting your electronics in a part of the house where people can’t see them. Install Some Security If you don’t have a security system, it might be time to get one! Even a simple system can notify you if someone unauthorized enters your home, and a basic camera can show you who is there and what they are doing. You can also check to see if your local police department will inspect your home while you’re gone, to add to the deterrent factor.

Toss Your Trash

When you unwrap valuable items, they tend to come with many, many boxes. Instead of leaving these laying around where anyone can see what you have in your house, break them down and put them all the way inside your trash can. You can also drive to a nearby dumpster and get rid of them that way.

Enjoy your home thoroughly when you make sure everything is safe!

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